Efficiency Analysis of Maintenance Strategy

Efficiency Analysis of Maintenance Strategy

PBM unique analytical approach allows to perform rigorous Maintenance Efficiency Analysis based on measurable facts rather than based on subjective perception of events. The Efficiency Analysis will help you to identify if your maintenance budget is sufficient and adequately allocated, if your strategy allows you to meet performance objectives and will highlight improvement opportunities.


The analysis includes the identification and quantification of losses resulting from:

  • Rework (not requiring a replacement)
  • Premature replacement (not caused by a lack of maintenance)
  • Lack of maintenance (repair or replacement)
  • Over-maintenance (no failure reported)
  • Excessive fluctuations (in the duration and in the intervals)
  • Random repairs (caused by random failure)
  • Random inspections (with or without a failure)

Those sources of losses can easily represent between 20 % to 50% of the total maintenance budget.